Globalworth founder and CEO Ioannis Papalekas bought three million shares of the company, which he paid € 27.3 million, at a price of € 9.10 per share. Papalekas held 29.15 million shares in Globalworth, representing 15% of the total.
According to the latest Globalworth market report, Globalworth’s largest shareholders are, alongside Growthpoint Properties with 29.8%, Aroundtown with 18.1%, Ioannis Papalekas with 15%, Altshuler Group with 6.3%, EBRD with 5 , 8%, the rest belonging to investors with less than 5% of the shares.

Globalworth, the investment company founded by Ioannis Papalekas, owns real estate (offices, retail and logistics parks) worth 2.4 billion euros, 1.245 billion euros of investments in Romania. The company wants to attract 500 million euros from the capital market this year and to expand its ownership in the Polish company, GPRE, to 99%.

The last five transactions of the company took place in Poland, with a total value of 520 million euros, while, in Romania, the company seems to focus on development.


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