It’s official that Romania has the fastest Internet from Europe.

Nine cities in Romania are among the top 15 cities in the world with the highest download speed of fixed broadband internet connections

This is one of the most important things when we are talking about a data center warehouse.

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Romania is a very secure country even when we are talking about cybersecurity.

Data centers are hot properties, these days when many businesses are shedding them to shift their information-technology operations online, to the cloud.

The data center market is witnessing significant investments from colocation service providers, cloud/hyper-scale service providers and telecommunication service providers. Hyperscale data center investment has grown significantly in the past years.

The data center market in Europe is witnessing investment from both global and colocation service providers. The GDPR has driven the demand for data center development among colocation and cloud services providers. The demand for smart devices, coupled with growing internet penetration, will also fuel the data center market growth and corresponding infrastructure in the region.

Romania is a good reliable country that can absorb this market demand.

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We are ready to meet the demands for different sizes of warehouses.

From 500 to 25000 sqm.

In areas more or less accessible depending on requirements.

Always with high voltage lines that can meet the high demand for energy consumption.

Ensuring all operating conditions and compliance with all European and International norms and directives.

If datacenter warehouse in Romania 

Data centers are experiencing a boom right now, and expert predictions indicate that this surge in demand will continue for the foreseeable future. Investors interested in riding the data center wave should consult with a qualified before moving forward with any plans, to help ensure maximum returns.

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